Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO Giveaway

Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO Giveaway
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For a better, safer and lighter web experience. With hundreds of thousands of new strands of viruses created every day, Web Companion complements your antivirus and browser’s protection against the latest and freshest malware and attacks.
The practice of search hijacking (setting a browser’s search engine and homepage on behalf of the user and tracking their behavior) is alive and well. Ad-Aware Web Companion is able to solve this problem and allows you to regain full control of your browsers by providing four layers of defense:

1. Detect and remove known search hijacker programs.

2. Block unwanted search hijacker programs from being installed.

3. Trap changes made to your current search engine and asks you for confirmation PRIOR to the changes being made

4. Extract the user’s preferred search engine setting from the browser and secure it.


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