Dimo MTS Converter Giveaway

Dimo MTS Converter Giveaway
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Convert MTS files captured with various recording devices to more accessible formats, download videos and share content, with this useful tool

MTS files normally need to be converted to other formats in order to be processed or shared, and there are plenty of applications capable of handling them, including specialized utilities created for this very purpose.

Dimo MTS Converter is a relatively simple program that can help you convert these files to various other formats, download videos and set up a media server. It offers a limited feature set, however, and it does not support batch conversion.

Convert MTS files and create ISO images

The application sports a rudimentary and fairly outdated user interface, but it should be very easy for novices to get the hang of things. Importing files is not at all difficult, especially considering that drag and drop actions are supported.

Sadly, the program does not allow you to process multiple files in succession, as you have to start the conversion process for each of them individually.

Choose the right encoder preset and edit videos

Dimo MTS Converter provides you with encoding presets suitable for various devices, so inexperienced users should be able to process their files easily enough. You can also customize several video and audio parameters.

Additionally, the application offers a set of basic editing tools, enabling you to trim videos, perform color adjustments and insert visual effects or watermarks.

Download videos and set up a media server

You can use this application to grab online videos by just providing their URL. However, you cannot customize any quality parameters and select the output format.

Lastly, it is possible to create a media server in order to share content with others. All you need to do is select the source folder and click the Share button to generate a QR code.

All in all, Dimo MTS Converter is a useful application that could use some polish and some additional features. It enables you to convert and edit MTS files, download videos and share content.


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