O&O MediaRecovery 11 Giveaway

O&O MediaRecovery 11 Giveaway
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The product lets users recover deleted photos, videos, and music files from digital cameras, memory cards and USB sticks directly under Windows operating systems. Using the program is easy and intuitive thanks to a wizard which guides users step-by-step through the entire recovery process.

It can recognize and recover over 80 file types found in the most popular graphic, video, and music formats. Recovery of pictures and video files from digital cameras has been improved even further in the new version.

O&O MediaRecovery 11 is also now certified as Windows 10 compatible but can also still be used under Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

New and improved features

  • Various search algorithms: O&O MediaRecovery combines various search algorithms for recovering data that can be used together or individually. As the name implies, Quick Search finds deleted files quickly and effectively when they have just been deleted. If the data loss occurred further in the past, the professional Deep Scan method will search every sector of the disk for the necessary file signatures and will even be able to reconstruct files when the disk’s entire content directory has been deleted, formatted, or even overwritten.
  • File types: O&O MediaRecovery recognizes and reconstructs over 80 different graphic, video, and musical formats.
  • Filter features: Search results are presented in a clear overview, thanks to filters which sort by size or time (creation/last modified/last accessed). The filters can also blend out empty directories or files for refined search results.
  • Integrated data images: Data images created by O&O DiskImage are also included in the data rescue processes. To prevent a data loss through defective hardware, a forensic image can be created using the separately available O&O DiskImage. This comprehensive image also saves the (assumed) free disk space so that a full data recovery can be carried out later without touching the original hardware.







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