Steganos Safe 18 Giveaway

Steganos Safe 18 Giveaway
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Steganos Safe is a data safeguarding tool for Windows users, this software allows users to create a virtual & password protected secure drive on their system for storing sensitive data.

If you want to hide something on your system or protect important documents with encryption, then you must try this virtual safe creating software from Steagaons. Not just creating secure virtual drives, Steganos safe also protects your data in the cloud and below offered giveaway version supports encryption of Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft one drive.

Like any other drive on your computer, you can use this secure drive to save, edit or delete files by launching Steganos Safe software. Once this drive is closed, your data will be safe and no one can use this drive without a password.

Steganos calls these virtual drives as ‘safe’, you can create three types of ‘safes’:
1. Safe: A virtual drive on your computer for encrypting data.
2. Portable Safe: A secure drive on external hard disk or USB drive.
3. Cloud safe: Encrypt data on Dropbox, Google Drive & Onedrive.


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