VivPDF Standard Giveaway

VivPDF Standard Giveaway
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A PDF editor and converter that features OCR recognition, page management, document signing and certification, comment insertion, and more

The PDF format is one of the most popular ones, as it can be opened on multiple platforms, allows for text and graphics to be embedded into the same document, and cannot be easily tampered with. While Windows now features built-in PDF reading support, editing the content of such a document requires a dedicated application. One of the alternatives you can choose is VivPDF.

This particular application bundles a PDF viewer, an editor, and a converter under a single roof, while also providing a set of additional features that allows you to manage pages, protect documents, and perform character recognition.

A reliable PDF editor that also allows page management
Its tab-based interface enables you to work with more than one document at a time. To make things as comfortable as possible for you, VivPDF conveniently places all the tools at your disposal in a toolbar at the top of the main window.

The PDF editor is easy to use and allows you to tamper with the text in the opened PDF file. Aside from making changes to the content, the application enables you to add text, links or images to the document. Basic text editing tools are provided to change the font type and size, or the paragraph alignment.

Not only that you can edit text and tamper with graphics in your document, but you can also manage pages with VivPDF. It is possible to insert new pages, delete or replace existing ones, split a document, rotate and crop pages, or manage headers and footers.

Password protection, encryption, document signing, and other security features
As for security-related features, VivPDF enables you to prevent unauthorized access to your files by protecting them with a custom password. Furthermore, you can also tamper with the document permissions. For instance, VivPDF enables you to disable document printing and configure the changes others are allowed to perform. Optionally, the content can be encrypted using some of the most popular algorithms.

VivPDF also allows document signing and certification. You can create a signature rectangle with a user-defined text and a custom style, with or without added graphical elements to enforce extra security.

A PDF viewer, editor, and converter with additional functionality

VivPDF comes with a generous set of tools for handling PDF documents, allowing quick editing, PDF creating, format conversions, page management and, last but not least, data protection. You can create a security policy and apply it to all your documents to prevent quick altering of their content.

All in all, it delivers a solid feature set that can easily turn into a personal PDF management toolbox.


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